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brian bornemann

Viale dei Romani

Raised amid fruit trees and his grandfather’s gardening, Chef Brian Bornemann could not help but develop an appreciation for fresh produce at a young age. His love for food inspired him to pick up a side cooking job while studying abroad in Tuscany. At Osteria del Gatto, Brian worked alongside a Tuscan chef while taking on everything from cold-pressing olive oil to hunting Cingale. After graduating from UCLA, he moved to Milan where he worked in a restaurant under the tutelage of the sommelier-owner, studying Italian wine, while making pasta and cooking Italian classics. He then moved to study under Teri Rippeto, a leader of the farm-to-table movement at Potager. There, Brian put his hands on some of the best produce in the country, learning to cherish direct relationships with farmers and purveyors. Upon returning home to Los Angeles, Brian sourced Casey Lane’s menu at The Tasting Kitchen and walked in the back door to ask for a job. Under Lane’s wing, Brian came to bridge knowledge and passion for cooking to create world-class food. In 2017, Brian went to revive our sister restaurant Casa Apicii in New York, bringing with him the quality and inspiration that was always his staple at The Tasting Kitchen. Chef Brian has put everything into building Viale dei Romani. Now seven months in, he is starting to see the fruits of his labor. Brian believes that the meal is the center of human conviviality.



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