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Casey Lane

Breva at Hotel Figueroa

Casey Lane has found himself at the age of 33 with one of the most celebrated modern Italian restaurants in the United States, four James Beard Nominations, and as owner of a hospitality company with the growing infrastructure to become one of the best operators in the industry.

Casey Lane is Executive Chef and Owner at The Tasting Kitchen in Venice, CA. A native of El Paso, TX, in 2009, Lane moved to Los Angeles and opened The Tasting Kitchen, which quickly jumped to the forefront of L.A.'s seasonal farm to table cuisine. GQ named The Tasting Kitchen one of the "10 Best New Restaurants in America" and Zagat named it as, "one of the hottest restaurants in the world."

Lane's passion for cooking began at a young age. At the age of 18, Lane first entered the culinary scene and attended culinary school in Portland, OR. Upon graduation, Lane joined Paul Bertolli's team to launch Clarklewis, one of Portland's seminal institutions. He later worked with the BCR Group and Kenny Giambalvo, which helped him refine his cooking and develop a strong sense for not just the craft, but the business behind a great restaurant.

The unique combination of Lane's culinary and management talents has led him to be celebrated as one of the most gifted young chefs and restaurateurs in the country.



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