Jason Witzl

Ellie's, long beach

Born and raised in Whittier, Jason Witzl has been professionally exploring the Los Angeles culinary scene since he was 17, scrubbing dishes for famed uptown dive 6740 in his hometown.

 Since those humble days, Witzl has slowly been working his way up the culinary scene throughout both the region and world. He has been part of the finest food institutions, from Campanile and the Water Grill to the Manhattan Beach Post and Spain’s renowned, three-Michelin starred Restaurante Martín Berasategui.

It was through these experiences that Witzl learned and appreciated his love of Italian and Californian cuisine, combining the two to refine his approach to all things gastronomical. After honing his skills to the point of confidence, he too the leap into owning and running his own restaurant, Ellie’s in Long Beach, named after his grandmother. Here, one can experience both Witzl’s skill and playfulness when it comes to re-interpreting Italian classics while elevating neighborhood dining.



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