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Kristine De La Cruz

Crème Caramel LA & Frankie Lucy Bakeshop

Armed with a fantastic custard base and a business and marketing background, Ms. de la Cruz began planning what is now known as Crème Caramel LA in 2010. The company started with Ms. de la Cruz's family recipe of the Filipino custard, Leche Flan, which is the base and foundation for all things Crème Caramel LA, and a dream of owning an artisanal food business in Los Angeles.

Specializing in custard-based artisanal food using Filipino and traditional ingredients and recipes, Crème Caramel LA is fulfilling a need for an alternative to the standard bakery fare in the Los Angeles area. Namely, cupcakes, pies, and cookies. Crème Caramel LA has built a strong customer base, first through their farmers' market pop-up booth and second since September 2013, through their Sherman Oaks brick and mortar.

Beyond their retail business and participation in farmers' markets and special events, Crème Caramel LA has expanded their services to include providing delivery 7 days a week in the Los Angeles and Orange counties through their online ordering system and catering service. Further increasing the reach within the market, Crème Caramel LA has taken advantage of opportunities to sell the custard desserts & more to local restaurants and cafes.

Crème Caramel LA partnered with Found Coffee to open their 2nd location, FrankieLucy Bakeshop. A collaborative effort that features Crème Caramel LA branded products and Demitasse coffee (a local Los Angeles boutique coffee roaster).

Crème Caramel LA is managed by the two founding members, Kristine de la Cruz and Sean Gilleland. 



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