Neal Maloney

Morro Bay Oyster Co.

Neal Maloney is the owner of Morro Bay Oyster Company. After earning his degree in Marine Biology at the University of Oregon Neal began managing a small oyster farm in Morro Bay, CA.  All of the oysters he produced were shipped to Tomales Bay. Neal was able to gain ownership of the farm in 2008.  His unique farm is perfectly situated in the productive Morro Bay estuary with fresh water periodically flowing through the beds and nearby aquifers.

The small bay constantly turns over its entire water volume bringing fresh nutrients and minerals ideal for his Pacific Gold Oysters.  The oysters are grown in floating mesh bags that rise and fall with the tide on this 2134 acre farm. Strong forces of nature constantly exerting stress on the oysters and a lot of physical shaking of the  grow out bags shape the perfect deep cups found on the Pacific Golds.

Neal sells all of his oysters direct to restaurants all over the U.S., harvesting and shipping the same day.

Morro Bay Oyster Co. is a small family owned business that has a great team of dedicated employees that tend to the oysters daily from the time they spend in the nursery to the time they are hand selected to be shipped to their customers.



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