Patricio Wise


Patricio Wise is self trained in the culinary world; he’s an entrepreneur, and family man who is also chef and owner at Nixtaco Mexican Kitchen, a concept that began as a pop-up at local Farmers’ Markets and Breweries but was so successful that he secured and established a brick and mortar location within the year.

He was born and raised in a large Mexican family in Monterrey, where cooking for big parties was an everyday social affair. At Nixtaco he showcases the food of his native Northeast Mexico, paying attention to detail in creating everything in-house from scratch, down to the sourcing, nixtamalization and grinding of the corn used to make masa for his award winning tortillas.

Since its inception in 2015, Nixtaco has set a new standard for Mexican cuisine in the Northern California region, and has plans to expand within the Sacramento region.



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