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Royce Burke

Yarrow Cafe and Secret Lasagna

Royce Burke is a Los Angeles based chef and owner of Secret Lasagna, a delivery focused first of its kind late night concept. Now, introducing the new Yarrow, a breakfast and lunch cafe on Fairfax Avenue that centers on the deep flavors of the vegetables. Previously, he curated the food program at Chimney Coffee and took the lead as Executive Chef there. He is a self-taught chef that continuously cooks for spectacular private dinners and events, such as Chinatown’s First Thursdays and Summer Nights. Recently, he participated in several LA Times Food Bowl Events: serving his signature lasagna at The Night Market for Secret Lasagna, and hosting the Sichuan Dinner and Fried Chicken Night that was part of the month long Food Bowl Event itself. Moreover, he is the owner of Wyldefire Hot Sauce. His style is versatile and works in every cuisine with a touch of his unique brand of crazy. To give you more of Chef Royce Burke…Royce spent his childhood standing at the feet of his mother, Annette. His mother spoke on the importance of balance, the necessity for quality ingredients, and the inspiration born from a good meal. Growing up without much and as the oldest in a family of seven, inspired Royce to create brilliant flavor profiles that could be accessible to people like himself, his family and many of friends. His skills, refined by the boundaries of affordability and access, taught him to scrap the maximalism, and prestige of high-end cuisine. During his time in Napa Valley he learned to focus on the finer, tinier details in each dish. This taught Royce to bring the heart of French Cuisine to a broader audience.



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